Friday, February 24, 2006

Touchdown Bali!

Limited internet access, so apologies over the abruptness.
Touched down at 4 this morning. Thirty-something hour flight from Heathrow, but worth it already. The locals here are magnificent; this place is thriving from tourism at the moment, however there is a fair amount of political unrest in the country towards foreigners from some factions.
In terms of accomodation, food and ammenities though, wow. The accomodation is often in the form of beach houses, which are generally bamboo huts on the beach, but they are fantastically kept, and the views are amazing. Living costs for a week here amount to around £45, and that is including accomodation, and lunch and dinner each day. Too be fair I'm spending more than I should as well.

street Market & Festival

So far I've only travelled a short journey outside the capital Denpasar, but have seen some magnificent costal lines, and some great scenery. The sun setting here on a full moon is one of the most amazing sight's I will no doubt ever witness.

Penida Island is my next stop, it's the largest of the Bali Islands, and I heard the diving is great there so I'll complete a diving course there before moving on.

I've been warned that internet access, and to a certain extent, communications on the area are limited so I guess I'll see you in Fiji...

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