Thursday, December 22, 2005

Viva la - well, Coonamble

G'day mates...I'm writing this with three days to go before Christmas. Now if you thought Pontypridd was an isolated area you want to try being here.

My friend Tegan, who I worked with in Newcastle in a function centre, kindly invited me back with her family for Christmas. Little did I know her family lives in the little town of Coonamble - 8 hours west of, well, everywhere. Coonamble's population is just over a thousand; and pretty much everybody know's everybody (including me it seems).

This place is so beautiful though. The nearest other town is a place called Dubbo, which is 3 hours south I believe, and it's quite limited here. There are two bar's, one school, a swimming pool, and a lake that is used for watersports. But too be honest, it's a ****** amazing place.

Unfortunately at the moment the weather is 48 degrees C, and we hear that it's going to be even hotter on Christmas day. Last night we were up until 2 am, and the weather at 2am was still in the mid 30's. It's such an insane place to be, but I wouldn't swap it for the world.

Hope you're all well.

Peace out.