Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So...my plans for Europe went a bit wide this summer after I met Hannah earlier in the year. So instead I find myself spending the summer in Switzerland, where Hannah was been spending her year working for a multinational company as part of her year in industry.

Basle is a beautiful city, much to see, and the people are friendly to the point of silly. Architechturial the city looks amazing; beautiful buildings everywhere, and some of the countries best museums. Add to that that we`re on the border where three countries, France, Germany, and Switzerland meet, and it`s a great chance to explore around.

Hannah & myself

Hannah and myself plan on seeing a few of the major cities this summer, and hopefully we might even skip to a different country when she gets the time off work. It`s about the chance to see her before we go back to university, and I`m glad I`ve got the chance.
Anyway, off to get a solid day`s work done now. Bye bye.

Basel Market Square

The River Rheine

Would you believe its the town hall?