Friday, March 03, 2006

Simply Fiji

Despite it's rising popularity amongst tourists, "over 200 [of the islands] are uninhabited" I'm informed by a local as I'm shuffled into the back of his 1960's Ford, sounding like a tourist guide trying to make a quick Fijiian dollar.

And if it's true, I pray it stays this way. After touching down in Nadi, I'm quickly immerved in the colourful Fijiian culture embraced best by they're marketplace. Trading amongst themselves I notice quickly a tendency to group up in two's and three's and try to lure the unknowing tourist towards them, offering them all sorts of goods ranging from fruit, to local jewelry, to local delicassy.

It was a taste of what was to come; no sooner had I headed out of the Nadi area, and had accumulated myself a tourist bus, had the bus driver started flying to flog us goods during the ride south to our ferry port.

My destination at this moment is the wonderful group of island known as Kadavu. A dutch couple I met three night's ago at a hostel in Nadi suggested the island as an ideal place to see some of Fiji's best beaches, without having all the tourism of the main islands.

Coastline near Matana

Apparently however the weather has been quite vigorous in recent days, with a fair amount of rain. I'm told however that it's quite a feeling to be in the nearby Astrolabe Reef (miles and miles of clear lagoons, like something out of the Beach) when it happens though, as all the marine life comes to the top to feed.

Hostel at Matana

When I leave Kadavu I'm due to head back to Nadi, to continue onto Australia, but there's something about the lure of Fiji's capital Suva that makes me think otherwise...

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