Friday, January 13, 2006

More laid back than a laid back man...lying down

Bellingen. I think it's what most of us dream about.

Picture yourself lying in a hammock, amongst lush green vegetation, contemplating whether you should take a ride down the river in the rubber tube, before of after this afternoon's barbeque; of which there will be a dozen or so young people like yourself cooking up some fantastic food and enjoying good company.

That's Bellingen in a nutshell. It's only 40 minutes west from the coastline, but you wouldn't guess it. Quite isolated (not completely however, there is one bus a day to and from this area), yet you would never forget this place as long as you lived.

I'm working here for a couple of weeks. Myself and a german friend Sebastien have taken over the day-to-day running of the place, and are getting accomodation plus $100 a week, which is liveable on. The owner's were looking for a couple to run the place, but me and Bast persuaded them otherwise! (No funny comments please...)

Greg is the tour guide around this place, because about 10 minutes up the road is Dorrigo National Park, which is a world conservation area, and one of Australia's most diverse rainforests.

Went on a tour there yesterday, and what a fantastic experience. Saw some Guana's, and various other creatures. Swam under the waterfalls, and ate lunch on a skywalk, 200 metres above the forest itself.

Tonight we're having an acoustic night, and I'm due to participate in the singing. Should be fun...

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