Thursday, January 19, 2006

A molotiv cocktail of sunburn and goon...

Goon is the Australian slang for cheap wine, that is bought by the box, and is consumed generally in tumblers.

Sunburn is the Australian word for "You okay mate? You're looking a little red there".

Both instil little confidence in me. I spent the day cycling from Bellingen to Coff's Harbour, where I've got some friends here in the hostel. The journey is around 28 kilometres, so as you can expect, not as simple forward especially on hilly terrain.

Took me a couple of hours, but I got here around midday, which wasn't a bad effort. Chris and Kyle are my Canadian friends from Vancouver Island (BC), who I met in Newcastle and have kinda been exchanging phonecalls and rides with along the way.

After settling down in the swimming pool here at Coff's, which has the best butcher's known to the existance of man, we started on the goon and the Canadian Club. $8 (exchange rate is roughly $2.5: £1) generally gets you around 3 litres of the fine red stuff. We don't ask about the white because the best use of it thus far has been getting the bloodied stains out of my clothes - it really is vinegar.

Anyway, it's 8 hours later now - it's gone two in the morning, and some how I'm sobered up slightly, but am in agony with the sunburn, which somebody very kindly applied salted water to in a game of "truth or dare" about four hours ago.

Peace out...

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