Sunday, November 13, 2005

The large life in Newcastle.

It's a world far away from our own. Many think that the culture is all about beer guzzler's and beach bunnies; which is partially true, but what a lifestyle it is.

It's the laid back culturist seperatism that keeps Australia away from the US and the UK, and I truly mean that. It hasn't yet got the influential and political shadows of the Northern Hemisphere superpowers, and it's truly a haven for backpackers.

Coff's Harbour beachfront

I'm currently in Coffs Harbour, which is a stones throw (6 hours) from Sydney (trust my 6 hours is nothing over here. Wait until I get to Darwin). After coming through Newcastle I'm starting to immerse myself in a world that isn't really apparent unless you're involved in it; the backpacker scene.

Newcastle is arguably the music capital of Australia. Nobby's is one of the best beaches in the world for surfing, and the people here/there are great. I spent a couple of weeks there cleaning hostel rooms, before they asked me to start co-ordinating evening events. In effect I was getting free beer money and accomodation for organsing pool competitions and karaoke contests.

I've currently moved on to Coffs Harbour, and I'm actually working on reception in the YHA here (YHA is the safest hostel company around worldwide). Again, free accomodation. No free beer unfortunately but hey, I've saved enough money up to this point.

The beaches so far have been great. Been riding a shortboard a fair amount, and met some brilliant people (okay, female's mainly). Watch out for more pics.

Peace out...

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